** Raganjali **
Cultural, Educational and Welfare Society
promoting Hindustani classical music
Contact Pt. Mishra (+91-9540408444, +91-9350897033) for music classes in South Delhi and for Bhajan Sandhya, Akhand Ramayan, Sundar Kand and misc. pooja programme.

With series of preparatory stage performances, organized in Delhi from time to time, for the budding talents in the field of music, Raganjali Cultural, Educational and Welfare Society has come into full swing to fulfill its mission of churning out an ever increasing cadre of highly proficient and talented artistes who can make a mark as singers or instrumentalists or as classical dancers and be the proud citizens of the nation on the march.

The society that came into being in 2008 through dedicated efforts of Pt. Ajeet Kumar Mishra, a professional with a name in the field of classical music, is supported by a group of enthusiastic music lovers. It has initially chosen vocal music for its focussed endeavour with a view to attract those who have talents but have no means to hone their talents. The Society undertakes to locate such hidden talents and prepare them to perform before an audience with the grace of melody and confidence of a wizard. The Society strives to ensure that none with God's gift, in whatever area of fine arts, fails to take blessing of the God to its logical culmination.

With this vision, Raganjali moves on to expand and enlarge its activities in the days to come...

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